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Litto Gomez

In 1999, we challenged ourselves to produce a cigar made entirely with tobacco grown on our farm. We knew it was a difficult task because it implied growing our own wrapper. The investment was big and the risk too, but the most difficult part was the waiting. The process of fermentation and aging took longer than expected, but the result was great. Today we can celebrate this great achievement. Every year we create a new vintage edition of our LG Dominican Puro, with four year old tobacco. The flavor and complexity of the LG’s are everything we anticipated. Enjoy these great cigars!

Litto Gomez Small Batch

With every year comes a new crop at our farm in La Canela. After every harvest we separate certain small batches of tobacco that we consider to be particularly special. These leafs are the best of the best, their power, flavor, and balance is unmatched even amongst the healthiest crops of tobacco. These are the leafs that we set aside for our Small Batch line. These extremely limited cigars are highly sought after by dedicated cigar connoisseurs & LFD fans around the world. These cigars are made with 100% Dominican tobacco and feature a rich & beautiful Pelo de Oro wrapper grown on our farm.


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